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Esan names for baby girl

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Edo baby names, Edo girl names, and Edo esan names for baby girl names are for people who want to give their children an African or Edo baby. The meaning of each of the Edo baby names, Edo girl names, and Edo boy names is provided.


Understanding Edo baby names, Edo girl names, and Edo boy names will be useful while giving the right name to your child. Enjoy our Edo baby names, Edo girl names, and Edo boy names. To understand how to read the Edo names below, you must also understand the Edo alphabet structure. In the Edo language of Nigeriathere esan names for baby girl 32 alphabets. It consists of 7 vowels17 single consonantsand 8 double consonants.

Abi e yuwa. Yuwa, Uwa. Born into prosperity. Usually Female. In name center or easn of progress, prosperity. Togetherness, horny old girls Aurora, oneness. Am e naghaw o n. esan names for baby girl

The water you shall drink Destiny. River Water, always calm and brings order into a chaotic situation.

Babymigo - Nigerian baby names, origin, meaning,Unique Nigerian baby names , choosing a Nigerian baby girl names, Nigerian pregnancy, Nigerian baby name finder, traditional Nigerian Osedebamen, Emmanuel, God is with us, Esan. *Omonzehio-Child brings pride *Ekeleoseye-beauty is in the heart *Ikuenobe-I will not succumb to evil *Irebhude-I hearken to advice. Learn the meaning of Esan, origin, popularity and more name info. Plus discover thousands of other boy and girl baby names.

The day of God. Usually Male. God's wealth. God's time or Time of God. Giel spirit allows us to live long or to. My spirit or guardian angel is good.

The spirit or angel protects or leads. The spirit or angel installs titles or status. One who does good deeds. The deed that brings or leads to prosperity. Respect of a father, or your father is lifted high. A free gift. A gift of a child. God's gift. Ideh e n. I have esan names for baby girl on solid or very secured foundation.

Stability I came standing - usually namea sons who came out of the womb with their tucson looking to suck and ride monster. Ifu e ko. Gentle, moderation, babj. Ighayez o m o. I will still celebrate the birth of a child. Imadeyunuagb o n. I did not enter the world by mistake I have a purpose in esan names for baby girl.

Stability I stood.

The center of prosperity. Precious, precious beads. Iyek oe tin. The namee or support group is strength. I have chosen the path of prosperity.

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Izogi e. Laughter IsaacI choose laughter. Jesu o bo. Jesus is the magician esan names for baby girl miracle worker. What God has said. Ogh o gh o. A child is life or continuity of life, existence or humanity. A child is family, Children make up a family.

A birl lifted on high or respected. A child bxby greater than wealth. A child is of more value than money. I appreciate or admire a child.

A child chooses prosperity. Osadebamw e n.

Osagiemw e nagb o n. God sent me into the world. Osar e nmwindamw e n. Osar e nmwinda. Osar e tin. God is my strength, or God is strength.

Osariem e n. God gave to me. God is the magician or a miracle worker. God is the senior or is supreme.

Osarumw e nse. God treated or treats me. Osas e r esna. God is supreme. Osasumw e n. Sumw e n. God escorts me, God protects me, God is with me. Osatohanmw e n. Esan names for baby girl has or had mercy on me.

Gods says or decides. Osayemw e nre. God remembers me. Osayimw e nse.

Yimw e n. God made or created me. God remembers a child or children. Yuwa, Yuware.

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God remembered or remembers us. Osaz e. God Chooses. God chooses prosperity, progress.

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Os e mw e ngie. Shepparton girls nude is describable, like a title. Otasowi e. Ota, Owi e. There is always a new beginning for the better evening to morning. Usi, E fe. Respect of God, or God be praised or lifted high. Most Popular Edo Names. Unisex Edo Names.