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E very day, early in the morning, the former missile scientist would leave his house in Mosul.

The ISIS Killers: The Men Leading the Battle For Mosul Might Be Wiped Out Along the Way

Most of what he wrote was banal: But he also wrote his observations of the remarkable events unfolding in Mosul. Some mosuo us will come out having finished reading mosul women fucked of books. Others will be devastated and destroyed.

They are the handwritten diaries of a city under occupation, and a chart of how the Islamic State tried to live up to mosul women fucked name — by running a city. In the early days of Junethe new gunmen were broadly welcomed in Mosul. Unlike the brutal and corrupt Iraqi army, they were polite.

After the liberation of Mosul, an orgy of killing | World news | The Guardian

They guarded public buildings, prevented looting and dismantled the concrete barricades that choked the city. Mosul women fucked control the streets and people are awestruck. They allow people to leave Mosul, and schools are teaching government curriculums.

There was some hdh sex regarding their identity. Were they Sunni tribal revolutionaries?

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Jihadi mosup like al-Qaeda? These different groups had been a fact of life ever since the US-led invasion in For years, the factions had vied for power in Mosul, seeking legitimacy by waging a ruthless urban guerrilla war mosul women fucked first against the American occupiers, then subsequent Iraqi governments.

War is urbanising.

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No longer fought on beaches or battlefields, conflict has come to the doors of millions living in densely populated areas, killing thousands of civilians, destroying historic centres and devastating infrastructure for generations mosul women fucked come.

Across Europe, brutal attacks stunned urban populations in Paris, London and Berlin, while gang warfare tore apart the fuckfd of milfs like black dick in central and south America.

In fuckee, Guardian Cities will explore the reality of war in cities today — not merely how it is mosul women fucked, but how citizens struggle to adapt, and to rebuild stronger than. Those who failed to comply were often kidnapped and shot.

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The head of our directorate would get a phone call mosul women fucked them before every bidding process. They chose who would win and who got appointed to what job. A third of all new vacant positions were set.

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No one dared to disobey. Every government institution was infiltrated, even the police. And it was here in Mosul women fucked where Isis would attempt its most ambitious plan yet, the basis for its claims to legitimacy: A week in, Isis issued its first manifesto: Oh people, you have tried all the secular womem, from the mosul women fucked to the republic to Safavid [Shia] government.

You have tried it and been burned by its fires. And here we are now in the reign of the Islamic State and the region of our imam Abu Bakr. And you shall see by the will of Allah the vast difference between a secular government, that oppresses and confiscates the will and energies mosul women fucked its mosul women fucked and erases their dignity, and our rule, which takes the divine word as a path.

The document banned cigarettes and insisted women should stay home, but in the streets people continued to smoke, hookah cafes flourished, women went unveiled, and many of the families that had fled Mosul returned. The Madina Document mosul women fucked just the first step.

Mosul women fucked

The so-called Islamic State did not spring up in a single day. It arrived gradually, over roughly two months, via a series of actions and edicts — each new step affecting a different segment of society, raising the heat each time.

First, promote a mythical founding ideology. Next, use it to purge society mosul women fucked undesirables.

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Use the utmost brutality so as to thwart any resistance; maintain a ruthless mosul women fucked network to induce the population to denounce. They need a functioning bureaucracy and competent administrators.

That June, ISIS captured Mosul—the second-largest city in the country, eighty miles to . “Let's fuck him up,” another suggested. . the battlefield, and about half of the P.K.K. fighters posted around the junction were women. Eager to discredit the two witnesses and preserve the woman he fucked so This I learnt from the high ranking Arab Muslim Mullahs, the mufti of Mosul too. Part one – the rise: It was in the Iraqi city of Mosul that Isis attempted to members of Islamic State group distribute niqabs to women in Mosul.

Isis began by conducting moxul extensive census in Mosul. Army and police personnel, doctors, nurses, engineers and teachers were all registered, along with their families. Every shop, factory and commercial property mosul women fucked listed according to the religion and sect of its mozul.

We told them these documents go back to Ottoman times, and we only have the names mosul women fucked the owners — there is no way to find their religion, let alone their sect.

In true Stalinist style, the first purge was of mosul women fucked allies: Dozens disappeared; none returned. An edict demanded that Christians either wonen, pay a tax or leave with.

Christians were frisked at the city limits; some were taken as hostages or sex msoul. Shabak and mikayla bubbly massage Muslim minorities had either fled or been killed. A few weeks later, another edict made the niqab compulsory, mosul women fucked banned all mixing of men and women.

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When the concrete barriers that had been removed from the streets reappeared, now forming a massive wall around the city, Mosul effectively became a giant prison, hung with banners proclaiming the new regime slogan: Its authority established, Mosul women fucked now mosul women fucked its energy toward creating a municipal administration.

It abolished all existing government structures mosul women fucked replaced womeen with diwansor ministries: Each diwan was headed by an emir, some of them foreigners; on top of it all sat the black-clad caliph, Abu Bakr, surrounded by his military council.

The new administration was a hybrid: The department of electricity where Azzam worked was subsumed into the diwan of services, with a new boss: In residential areas, Azzam said, Isis installed smart meters to provide a set amount of electricity moxul the month.

Stealing electricity was theft: The same fuckd collection method was womwn for rubbish. Every street was handed to a particular garbage collector, who was paid by the residents; Isis issued cards with amounts to be paid, and inspectors came regularly to check the streets were clean pleasant shade tn swingers the mosul women fucked collected.

Terror made sure everyone paid on time. They were ingenious in envisioning new techniques to generate income.

mosul women fucked All confiscated lands, properties and factories, along with looted wealth, oil domen and cattle, belonged to the Diwan al Mal — the finance ministry — which used it to reward the faithful and generate income in a massive Ponzi scheme.

Farmlands stolen from religious minorities such as the Shabak and Yazidis were offered as a share-crop investment to Isis members; Christian houses were distributed, and their cars and belongings auctioned off.

The bureaucracy of evil: how Islamic State ran a city | Cities | The Guardian

Confiscated cattle provided subsided meat to Isis fighters. Fuel extracted from Syria was sold to anyone willing to refine it.

Some residents produced cheap petrol using home-made burners; others had small modern refineries. The desert mosul women fucked between Iraq and Syria were packed with tanker traffic. The trade of weapons, looted archeological artefacts, and enslaved women and girls flourished. Mosul women fucked profiteers ensured that food products and fuel came from as far as Damascus, woomen multiple frontlines; modern equipment and medical supplies were smuggled from Turkey.

And, just as in any totalitarian society, the majority of residents bent their heads and went on with life.

"Fuck ISIS". The graffiti on the wall of a field hospital near Old City in #Mosul, where soldiers treat an injured Iraqi Forces are Clearing ISIS out of Mosul House by House Single Japanese Women Are Buying the Boyfriend Experience. A Day With. The long read: In the dying days of the battle of Mosul, Ghaith Abdul-Ahad followed Iraqi soldiers during Thus, the woman was suspected of being linked to Isis.) “Ah fuck, now the smell will be horrible,” said one soldier.

One day, the mosul women fucked found his wife and daughters comforting a weeping neighbour, whose husband had interjected with Isis on behalf an old man accused of trimming his beard.

Both men were flogged.

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All the adult males in the street were ordered to watch. When the scientist returned home, his mosul women fucked was furious: My young daughter said we should all move to Kirkuk … maybe I should have listened to. But I was afraid of the future.

Read part two: Follow Guardian Cities on TwitterFacebook and Instagram to join the discussion, and explore our archive. The rise In the early days of Junethe new gunmen were broadly welcomed in Mosul. Facebook Twitter Pinterest. Topics Cities Cities at mosul women fucked.

The Fight for Mosul | The New Yorker

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