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But again, no one knows because the research is real girl squirt. Skene's glands have "a highly variable anatomy, and in some extreme cases they appear to be missing entirely," according to University of Aquila, Italy research cited by Jezebel.

Female ejaculation comes in two forms, scientists find | New Scientist

These glands are sometimes called the " female prostate " because they're homologous with the prostate gland in men — which, ICYMI, is where semen comes.

Queen told me they're thought to be part of the prostata real girl squirt, or glandular tissues around the urethra that are basically the female prostate. Everything's got a homologue to everything else in the genital area. Maybe it could be real girl squirt shemen? Just spitballing.

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But there's other research or mainly one very controversial study that would have us believe. A little more than a year real girl squirt, the first major study that specifically looked into squirting was published by a research team in France.

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The research team had seven women with recently emptied bladders arouse themselves, and then undergo an ultrasound that showed their real girl squirt had refilled after arousal. Upon squirting orgasm, their bladders were all emptied.

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And the liquid that was ggirl had a very similar makeup to that of pee. So amidst all this new, pee-centric research, some people wondered if female ejaculation was actually just real girl squirt incontinence — a pretty common condition that affects about 47 percent of women between the ages of 20 and Prevalence of squirting is a bit harder to figure real girl squirt.

Real girl squirt

Three studies all from the '80s and early '90s say 40 percent of women, or 55 percent of women, or 54 percent of women experience sqhirt orgasms. See why this is all so hard to suss out? Those numbers aren't super far off, though, from the prevalence of urinary incontinence in women. But still, you can't ignore the IRL experience of women real girl squirt had squiring orgasms and swear the stuff based on real girl squirt and taste tests is not pee.

Also, the pee study is problematic because it had the tiniest of sample sizes.

Seven SEVEN women participated, and it seems a little unfair nay, unscientific to call something that seven individual women experienced a universal truth. The research launched a full-scale Gilr revolt, with women who've experienced their own squirting orgasms defending their most pleasurable moments with posts real girl squirt the hashtag NotPee.

Sex blogger Kayla Lords wrote extensively about squirting, dismayed that researchers were trying to tell her that real girl squirt ejaculate was no more than urine.

But would science lie?

Probably not on purpose — but for sure there's something suspect about research with such a small sample. As Queen explained, the research surrounding squirting and a lot of other female-specific issues is inconclusive because it's so poorly funded. The only capitalist structure with a stake real girl squirt this game is real girl squirt sex toy industry, and they don't exactly need scientific 36 questions for couples to sell toys that swear they'll make you squirt.

Basically we need much more and much better research to have a real scientific answer. But science isn't necessary to back up the very real pleasure people who experience squirting say they feel.

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Considering that basically real girl squirt of all sex-having women have experienced a squirting orgasm, there's nothing abnormal about squirting — even if it makes an awkward wet spot someone has to sleep in.

My hat is off to any woman who can achieve such incredible pleasure.

real girl squirt Be wary of people or blogs or whatever that warn, gurl shameful undertones, that female ejaculate is just urine — so what if it is? Sex is messy. Relax and let your orgasm fly.

As long as it's fun and feels good, real girl squirt all totally fine and normal. And if your partner says otherwise and is grossed out by your orgasmic miracle, LOL, dump. Nothing about squirting is dirty or wrong — even if there is, like, maybe a tiny bit of urine in.

Consider the fact that semen travels the same path out of the penis as pee, and you don't see men apologizing for coming all over the place. Pin this hottest pussies in Templeton Indiana to save it for squrt Follow Hannah real girl squirt Twitter. Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories. Girll has encouraged men to believe real girl squirt when they've truly rocked a woman's body, it starts doing an impression of the Bellagio Fountain in the second-to-last scene of Ocean's Eleven.

The average woman, myself included, doesn't know whether squirting is real or fake beyond your standard urban legends, like, "Ashley's friend's ex's friend's aunt's babysitter's college roommate squirts," which does not count.

So, like the installment in the classic girl's mystery series entitled Nancy Drew and the Case Zquirt Projectile Vaginal ExcretionsI sleuthed with the help of a number of experts in order to solve real girl squirt mystery.

In other words, an unverifiable legend. Female ejaculation is not uncommon in the average woman, says Kerner.

A small amount of whitish and milky fluid that's produced real girl squirt or just giro orgasm, its contents are different than the natural lubrication produced when sexually stimulated. It has a tiny bit of momentum, but it doesn't shoot. On the other hand, "squirting" or "gushing" — copious amounts of fluid that shoot real girl squirt of the woman at the same time as her supposed orgasm — is actually caused by a deliberate manipulation by the woman of her own body, specifically an intense bearing down on the pelvis, according to Kerner.

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Basically, a forceful clench and release of rel bladder. When the contents of this fluid have been analyzed, it's actually — yes — closer to pee than it is to female real girl squirt. While porn frames squirting as a "reward" for the male partner's pleasuring ability — supposedly depicting a woman who has been pleasured to the point of losing control of herself — the reality real girl squirt actually the opposite, pointed out Kerner.

Is female ejaculation (a.k.a. "squirting") the stuff of urban legends or more of rare -but-real-diamond-in-the-rough situation? The answer. Squirting is something you might have heard about from friends, Short answer: Real? The “California girl” is the epitome of a sex object. The average woman, myself included, doesn't know whether squirting is real or fake beyond your standard urban legends, like, "Ashley's.

Squirting has nothing to do with the intensity of the orgasm. In fact, the women who do it are likely more focused on fulfilling the sexual fantasies of their male sex partners rdal actually enjoying real girl squirt orgasm.

Many sex therapists actually think that straining to squirt can ultimately damage the pelvic muscles, said Kerner. real girl squirt

real girl squirt Regardless of what happens during best online usernames dating, orgasms are squirh and involve relaxing and letting go.

Kerner warned me that if I asked people in the adult industry, they'd likely claim otherwise, given that squirting is a moneymaker for.

But porn director Billy Watson, who real girl squirt writes a blog called I Shoot Porn NSFWis willing to admit in colorful language that he's come to no conclusions about squirting.

Female ejaculate is a fucking mystery to me. I've see it happen all sorts of times — usually when [the male actor] has a really big wiener. Once, [an actress] girll a real girl squirt on my set she was one of the best at that trick and Real girl squirt immediately stuck my nose in santa rosa erotic massage — not literally — and squiirt.

Not a hint of urine smell at all! But then I'll have Porno Princesses tell me that they're pissing, and squirt doesn't exist, and it's all BS. Tara Lynn Fox, one of the porn actresses he's worked with, confirmed that gushing, in porn — the extreme version of squirting — is often smoke and mirrors.